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Our mission with TOTAL CROP CARE is to provide you with options that are there to help you maximize each and every acre you farm. We offer a wide range of services and products that will . help you understand each acre, and how each acre needs to be treated. Our goal is to provide you with both data and products that will both maximize yield and inputs while striving to increase net dollar returns.

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Imagery can help you with crop scouting and the decision making process in season, in an instant. We can offer you planned trips at prime times of the growing season that will help you with where to scout as well as where to apply. The imagery system will give you both a plant health and RGB image for viewing as well as allow us the ability to go to location within the field to compare a healthy area to an area that is showing stress. Along with the RGB and plant health we can also do elevation images that can aid in land leveling and tilling decisions.

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Either with the use of imagery or without, tissue sampling can be a very import part of Decision AG. Tissue sampling can help you create a base line of nutrients in each field as well as tell us how well the plant is using what our soils have or do not have available. With tissue samples we can help make decisions on if and what nutrients are lacking and are needing to be applied.



Soil sampling is something we have done for years but with the addition of other data we can utilize it better. With the addition of yield maps and imagery we can choose where to take samples and have a better idea of what the soil is doing in a good or poor area. We offer grid, zone and standard sampling programs and can fit one to your needs.



Once we have all this data what do we do with it - one thing that is of key importance is to ground truth evverything we have learned - this is where a scouting program comes in. By utilizing historical yield maps and imagery it gives us a better idea of where we need to look so that we can make sure to find and identify issues as . soon as we can