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  Decision Ag  03/26/15 1:20:08 PM

Welcome to Decision Ag 

LVA is dedicated to advancements in agricultural technology.  Below you will find various services that we offer to help maximize your yields!

For questions, please contact:
Paul Wolfe       317-513-1082
Quintin Leffel   812-593-0659                                      


Soil Sampling

When it comes time to have your soil tested for nutrients and health, turn to Laughery Valley Ag for all of your agronomic needs!  We test your field on a 2.5 acre grid.  Once results return from the lab, our professional crop ag specialists will analyze your soil for future recommendations.

Infrared Imaging

We now have the ability to capture infrared images!  These images will help in understanding and treating problem areas in 
your field throughout a growing season.  Various images are captured throughout the growing season.  Not only will this be a problem solving tool, it will also gain seasonal information for future reference.

Crop Scouting

New in 2014!  LVA is pleased to announce that we will now be offering a crop scouting service.  Growers will get a set amount of field visits throughout the season to asses plant health and pest pressures.  A timely report from the field will result in faster action on pesticide control.  In the end, this all means more yield.

Tissue Sampling

Along with soil sampling, tissue sampling can offer a greater insight on your crops performance.  Laughery Valley not only has the capabilities to capture these samples and get them tested, but we also have the on staff knowledge to help you determine the next steps in crop management.


New from WinField!  This unique technology, which bridges the gap betweeen soil and tissue analysis, is placed in soil to mimic root nutrient uptake, revealing how much of each nutrient is truly available to the crop.

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